Freshness Guaranteed Mango Chunks, 10 oz


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Freshness Guaranteed Mango Chunks are the perfect way to add some island fruit sweetness to your day. These mango chunks are perfect for making homemade smoothies or for snacking on between meals for a quick pick me up. You can serve this fruit plain or with fresh whipped cream, vanilla and nutmeg. You can also add these delicious juicy mango chunks to fruit salads, ice cream, yogurt or milkshakes. You can also use these as a special treat to be served with cereal, pancakes or waffles. They are also great as a topping on coffee cake and other desserts or breakfast recipes. Freshness Guaranteed Mango Chunks are packaged in a plastic container with a removable lid for easy storage.

  • Pre-portioned for easy snacking
  • Freshly cut ripe mango
  • Plastic container made with removable lid for easy storage