Good & Gather™ Mild Cheddar Cracker Cut Cheese, 10oz, 30 Slices


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Whether you're throwing an impromptu get-together or just want an easy snack for yourself, a pack of Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cracker-Cut Cheese from Good & Gather™ is great to have around. This pack of cheese includes 30 precut slices of extra sharp white cheddar cheese, perfectly sized to fit on your favorite crackers — no need to fuss with cutting a block of cheese to craft your next cheese platter! This precut white cheddar cheese is a good source of protein and calcium*, and kids and adults alike are sure to love the delicious flavor.

  • Sharp white cheddar cheese slices are a good source of protein and calcium (See nutrition for fat and saturated fat content.)
  • Cut white cheddar cheese is great to keep on hand for a variety of purposes
  • Cracker-cut cheddar cheese is the perfect size for snacking