Jack Link's Tender Cuts Prime Rib Jumbo Bag, 5.85 oz.


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Cavemen of the modern era give this primal prime rib snack 5 stars. We take prime rib, the undeniable king of meats, and combine it with all of the things you love about our Original Beef Jerky. Then, we amp up the delicious smoky, umami beef flavor while delivering on a more tender bite. A 5-star snack at its finest.

MADE WITH 100% BEEF: Made with cuts of 100% beef, Prime Rib Tender Cuts are 96% fat-free and 60 calories per serving.

GOES WHERE YOU GO: It's not always easy to find a snack that goes with you anywhere. Ready-to-eat whenever you are, Prime Rib Tender Cuts are perfect for in the car, in a desk drawer or in your backpack. With 9g of protein per serving, this meaty snack can help keep you satisfied when you need to power thru.