Marketside Gingerbread House Kit, 35.3 oz

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Create a fun treat for the holiday season with the Marketside Gingerbread House Kit. Sit back and relax on a cold holiday evening with a crafting project everyone can enjoy building. The gingerbread cookie kit comes equipped with everything required for construction. It includes pre-made icing, cookies, mini beads, jelly, sprinkles, snowflakes, peppermint flavored balls and gooey gummy trees. The cookie house kit is a fun activity the children will be excited about building. It includes instructions on the back of the box for easy assembly.

  • Gingerbread cookie kit includes: pre-made icing with tip; gummy trees; mini beads; e-z build tray; mini jellies; snowflake sprinkles; peppermint balls
  • Everything you need to build and decorate
  • Pre-built gingerbread house kit with 2 cookies
  • Cookie house kit is ideal for the holiday season
  • A fun project that everyone can enjoy building
  • Comes with instructions on the back of the box for easy assembly
  • Includes a QR code on the back that you can scan with a smartphone to watch an instruction video