Promised Land Dairy Vitamin D Whole Milk, 28 fl oz


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Richer and creamier than ordinary milk, Promised Land Vitamin D Whole White Milk is tasty, decadent and, most importantly, a nutritious drink for the whole family! Our delicious whole milk contains no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or growth hormones like rBGH or rBST and is also tested for antibiotics*. Rest easy knowing that when you and your family enjoy Promised Land milk, you are drinking the pure, wholesome goodness you crave. Promised Land Whole Milk is packed with vitamins and minerals, and each 1-cup serving size contains 9 grams of protein (18% of your daily value) along with 25% daily value of Calcium and 15% daily value of Vitamin D.

  • Delicious, high-quality whole milk made with milk from Jersey cows
  • Packed with calcium, protein, and Vitamin D
  • No added hormones, artificial colors or flavors
  • Large 52 oz. bottle of creamy whole milk that children and adults love to drink
  • Ultra-Pasteurized to ensure milk is rich and creamy from cow to you
  • Kosher-certified milk