V8 Juice, Strawberry Cucumber Hydrate 6 Ct


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V8 100% Vegetable and Fruit Juice. Trusted since 1933 for providing unquestionably good vegetable nutrition and great taste. With 1 full serving of vegetables and only 30 calories in every 5.5oz. can-there's a world of goodness in every sip. The V is for vegetables! 
  • Excellent source of B vitamins with 1 combined serving of veggies and fruit and only 50 calories per 8 ounce can [1 CAN HAS ABOUT 2.5 Ounce VEGETABLE JUICE AND 1.5 Ounce FRUIT JUICE. 1 SERVING OF VEGETABLES OR FRUIT = 4 Ounce ( 1/2 CUP) DIETARY GUIDELINES RECOMMEND 2 1/2 CUPS OF A VARIETY OF VEGETABLES AND 2 CUPS OF FRUIT PER DAY FOR A 2,000 CALORIE DIET.]
  • No sugar added, no artificial colors or flavors [NOT A LOW CALORIE FOOD SEE NUTRITIONAL PANEL FOR SUGAR AND CALORIE CONTENT]
  • No sugar added and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives [Not a low-calorie food-see nutrition information panel for sugar and calorie content]
  • Drink daily with a meal or as a snack to get vegetable powered nutrition!
  • Non-GMO