7UP Cherry Flavored Soda, 2 L Bottle

Taste a twist on the iconic flavor of 7UP with the sweet taste of cherry! Cherry 7UP soda offers a unique, balanced cherry taste that will leave you feeling refreshed. We're almost 100 years old! Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda was launched in October 1929. Just like the original, 7UP Cherry is caffeine-free, low in sodium, and made with great-tasting cherry flavor. Delight your senses with the crisp, clean, refreshing taste of Cherry 7UP soda. While 7UP Cherry is a fantastic drink that can be enjoyed straight up on its own, it’s also the perfect ingredient to liven up to desserts and drinks for any occasion. You can enjoy 7UP in everything from your favorite cocktails* and mocktails to grilling marinades and delicious desserts like our famous Cherry 7UP Pound Cake. Cherry 7UP is also the perfect pairing for any occasion with all your favorite foods. Over 21 only, please drink responsibly.
  • ALL-NATURAL FLAVOR: The crisp, clean taste of 7UP refreshes with cherry flavor
  • CARBONATED SODA: Carbonated soda delivers the satisfying taste of cherry every time
  • CAFFEINE FREE: The great taste of 7UP Cherry is caffeine-free and low in sodium just like original 7UP
  • RECIPE INGREDIENT: 7UP Cherry is the perfect ingredient in everything from unique cocktails to tasty desserts
  • TRUSTED BRAND: Iconic and unique cherry flavor from the brand that brought you original 7UP, Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda in October 1929
  • One 2 liter bottle