Parmalat Shelf Stable UHT Fat Free Milk, 32 fl oz.


Our milk is packed full of good things such as vitamins A and D, protein, and calcium. Stays fresh longer! Here at Parmalat, we heat our milk at higher temperatures than regular pasteurized milk. This way, our milk stays fresh longer, and doesn't need to be refrigerated until opened. Bringing you quality milk since 1961. 

  • UHT shelf-stable milk is 100% real cow's milk that is ultra pasteurized and packaged in the Tetra Pak container designed to keep the milk pure and safe.
  • The Tetra Pak container protects the milk from any external contamination
  • Smart choice! With our special aseptic packaging, UHT shelf-stable milk tastes like real milk because it is real milk
  • This special packaging process locks out light and air, seals in nutrients and flavor, and allows its contents to remain un-refrigerated for months

Ingredients Grade A Uht Fat Free Milk, Vitamin A Palmitate And Vitamin D3.