Portable White Cooler Biodegradable Chest Cooler, 28 Qt


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The LifeMade Envirocooler 28 Qt biodegradable cooler delivers the same quality and function as traditional coolers and is better for our environment. The LifeMade Envirocooler is made with landfill biodegradable foam technology and decomposes within 4 years at at rate of 92%. It is 50% denser than leading foam cooler which provides additional protection from breaking and cracking. Bring it to the beach, the park, sporting events - wherever you might need a refreshing beverage or snack. The Envirocooler is reusable. Reuse it or recycle it to dispose of it properly when done. Available in white. Assembled Product Dimensions: 17" x 12" x 14.4"
  • Lifoam
  • The Envirocooler is 28 quarts
  • Holds up to 24 cans plus ice
  • Biodegradable foam technology*
  • Recyclable at selected designated facilities
  • No microplastics upon degrading