Breyers Extra Creamy Chocolate Ice Cream, 48oz


Breyers Extra Creamy Chocolate is our creamiest chocolate. Fresh cream and real cocoa come together to make your favorite frozen treats creamier than ever before! Add it to Brownie Bowl Sundaes, Hot Fudge Sundaes, or blend it into a Creamy Chocolate Mojito Shake. Extra Creamy Chocolate makes them all extra dreamy. Part of our secret, is the quality of the milk and cream that we use to make our ice cream desserts!

  • Our creamiest Chocolate. Fresh cream & rich cocoa come together in every velvety bite. Perfectly pairs with Shakes & Sundaes.
  • Made with fresh cream, sugar and milk.
  • Partnering with American Farmers. 100% Grade A Milk and Cream.
  • Made in accordance to our Breyers Pledge, starting with high quality ingredients.
  • Flavors and colors from natural sources.
  • Made with real cocoa.