Clear American Unsweetened Blackberry Sparkling Water, 12 fl oz, 12 Count


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Complete every get together with family and friends with a cooler full of Clear American Unsweetened Blackberry Sparkling Water. This 12 pack of 12 fluid-ounce cans brings a refreshing aspect to the table. Along with serving up the usual tea, punch and sodas, give your guests something new to talk about by placing one of these sparkling delights in everyone's hand. The unique blackberry flavor is made by infusing the fresh taste of ripe blackberries into the satisfying sparkling water formula to create a beverage that goes above and beyond the ordinary. With zero calories, sugars and caffeine, everyone can get into these delightful single-serving drinks. Pick up a pack of the Clear American Blackberry Unsweetened Sparkling Water and see just how flavorful refreshing can be.

  • 12 count pack of canned sparkling water
  • Smooth blackberry flavor
  • Delightfully fizzy
  • Zero calories, sugars and caffeine
  • Great any-time drink for anyone