Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Kids Toothpaste Pump, Batman, 4.4oz


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Your kids will love brushing with Batman! Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Kids Toothpaste Pump formula, features the maximum level of FDA allowed anticavity active ingredient, sodium fluoride. This children's toothpaste is enamel safe and clinically proven to fight cavities. Plus, it is designed for growing adult teeth in kids ages 6+ and available in a convenient pump that parents will love. 

  • Kids Toothpaste for Growing Adult Teeth, Ages 6 years+
  • Clinically Proven Cavity Protection
  • Gentle Formula for Children
  • Fortifies Weak Spots on Enamel
  • Mild Bubble Fruit Flavor and Fun Characters to Help Encourage Brushing
  • Helps Reduce Plaque Buildup with Regular Brushing
  • Pump Dispenser