Diamond of California Walnut Pie Crust, 9 Inch Size


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Use the Diamond Walnut Pie Crust to create your next culinary masterpiece. This ready to use pie crust made with the quality Diamond of California nuts generations have trusted since 1912. The buttery, crumbly texture and naturally sweet flavor of nuts help us replace some of the flour and sugar that you might find in other ready to use pie crusts. This masterfully blended pie crusts are ideal for both sweet and savory pie fillings. Bake a tart cherry pie, a savory cheese quiche, or a rich and decadent chocolate cream pie. It contains no corn syrup and has no processing aids or artificial flavors. The crust is made with simple ingredients, so you can feel good about you what you eat. Enjoy the delicious flavor of the Diamond Walnut Pie Crust.
  • Made of quality Diamond of California walnuts
  • Ideal for both sweet and savory fillings
  • Make a cherry pie, a cheesy quiche, or chocolate cream pie
  • Contains no corn syrup
  • Contains no processing aids or artificial flavors
  • Made from simple ingredients