Elmhurst Milked Unsweetened Almond Milk, 32 oz


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Our Milked Unsweetend Almonds offers a perfectly balanced flavor with a creamy richness that is truly satisfying and nutritious. It is perfect for drinking straight out of the glass!

All of our Unsweetend Almonds are grown in sunny California. After many months growing in the orchard, they are picked, washed and packed whole into containers, ready to begin their journey across the country.

Our Unsweetend Almonds take a cross-country road trip to our facilities in New York. Many nut milks are made out of an industrial paste that is rehydrated at the processing plant. Not us! We only use Unsweetend Almonds shipped whole from our farmers.

If you love almonds, you love almonds. So, we are giving them to you ' with nothing more than water, and nothing less than the truth.. We pack 18 whole, raw almonds into every glass. No sugar, no salt, no natural flavors, no problem!. Our cold milling process creates nutmilks that are more nutritious and creamy.