Equate Regular Absorbency Unscented Tampons with Plastic Applicators, 40 Count


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Equate Regular Unscented Tampons are designed for comfort when you need it most. These tampons provide dependable protection to keep period leaks under control, with naturally-absorbent fibers that expand to fit your individual form. Tampons are housed in a premium plastic applicator with a rounded tip for comfortable insertion, a flower grip that makes the applicator easy to hold and a high-gloss smooth finish for added comfort, inside a durable wrapper for easy transport. The withdrawal cord is sewn the full length of the tampon, making removal clean and easy. Our tampons offer up to eight hours of confident protection and the 40-count box will keep you stocked and ready to go. Equate Regular Unscented Tampons are ideal for six to nine grams of absorption. For other ranges, check out the full line of Equate tampon products in Light, Regular, Super and Super-Plus. Be prepared with Equate Tampons.

  • Designed for dependable protection
  • Premium plastic applicators with a high gloss finish and an easy to hold grip
  • 40-count box of tampons
  • Regular tampon size offers up to 8 hours of protection
  • Rounded tip plastic tampon applicator with smooth glide finish
  • Flower grip makes applicator easy-to-hold
  • Withdrawal cord is sewn the full length of tampon
  • Equate tampons are available in four absorbency strengths: Light, Regular, Super and Super Plus