Equate Unscented Tampons With Cardboard Applicator, Light, Regular, Super, 54 Count


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Get dependable protection all day with the Equate Unscented Tampon Multi-Pack. This 54-count value pack includes three levels of thickness, with 10 light, 22 regular, and 22 super unscented tampons to fit your needs, no matter where you are in your cycle. These tampons have an improved grip feature and natural absorbing fibers that adjust and expand to fit your body, providing you with 8 hours of first-rate period protection so you can lead your life without having to worry about embarrassing leaks. The wallet-friendly price makes it easy to stock up on a few boxes for your linen closet, car, purse, or desk at work. When you need reliable and comfortable protection that'll keep you leak-free and dry all day long, reach for the Equate Unscented Tampons Multi-Pack.

  • 54-count box of tampons (10 Light + 22 Regular + 22 Super)
  • Rounded tip cardboard tampon applicator tampons
  • All around expansion adjusts to fit your body, helping to prevent leakage
  • Durable wrapper for maximum protection
  • Three-way expansion for maximum protection
  • Includes light, regular and super tampon size for all your needs