Fairlife Lactose Free DHA Omega-3 Chocolate Whole Milk, 52 fl oz


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Fairlife® Superkids Ultra-Filtered Milk Chocolate. With DHA omega-3. Made from high quality real milk filtered for wholesome nutrition. Our milk flows through soft filters to concentrate its goodness like protein & calcium while filtering out much of the natural sugar to fuel your superkid. The milk used in this product is from cows not treated with rBST. It is a homogenized, pasteurized, grade A product. This product is free from lactose.

  • Ultra-Filtered Milk, Whole, Chocolate
  • Our Fairlife family farmers provide high quality real milk, filtered for wholesome nutrition with exceptional care taken every step of the way. Extraordinary care and comfort for our cows. Exceptional quality milk standards. Traceability back to our farms. Continual pursuit of sustainable farming.