Freshness Guaranteed Garlic Herb Topped Italian Bread Loaf, Fresh Baked In Store


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Freshness Guaranteed Italian Bread is a classically delicious loaf that is baked fresh in store and topped with a robust blend of garlic and herbs. This bread is perfect as a side item or used as an ingredient in home cooked meals. Use it to make large, hand-crafted sandwiches piled high with all your favorite meats, veggies and condiments. Slice it up and use it as a base for pizza or simply toast and top with hearty meatballs. Use it to make garlic-butter bread and serve with your favorite Italian-style pasta. Enjoy fresh from the bakery taste in the comfort of your home with Freshness Guaranteed Garlic Herb Topped Italian Bread.

  • Use to make sandwiches
  • Serve with Italian-style pasta
  • Fresh baked in store
  • Net weight 14 oz