Freshness Guaranteed Pastry Cinnamon Rolls, 8 Count


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Satisfy your sweet tooth with Freshness Guaranteed Cinnamon Rolls. These fresh-baked cinnamon rolls feature a blend of cinnamon, rich dough, and delicious frosting that will leave you wanting more. There are eight rolls which makes it perfect to serve as you entertain guests, bring to a friend's house, share with coworkers or the perfect addition to any party. For an extra special treat serve warmed up or with a glass of milk. The cinnamon rolls come in an easy to open, reclosable container to help maintain freshness and for convenience. Treat yourself to a bite of Freshness Guaranteed Cinnamon Rolls.

  • Fresh baked cinnamon rolls with delicious frosting
  • Can be served warmed up
  • Delightful sweet treat
  • Perfect for serving guests
  • Great to bring to a friend's house
  • Easy open/close contain to help maintain freshness