Freshness Guaranteed Pastry Pecan Pie, 4 oz


Freshness Guaranteed Pecan Pie is delicious combination of crunchy pecans and high quality flour in a recipe that has crusty, crunchy top. With a nicely textured crust, this pie is as beautiful to look as it is delicious. This Mini Pecan Pie with its depth of flavor and nicely textured crust will remind you of the homemade pie. It is a great company to your morning tea or coffee and can also be had as a quick afternoon snack or an after-dinner dessert. This delicious pie will be the perfect addition to your next potluck or picnic meal. Add a whole new level of sweetness, flavor and excitement to your celebrations with The Bakery Pecan Mini Pie.

  • Pecan Mini Pie made with crunchy pecans
  • Great snacking option for home or on the go
  • Perfect anytime treat
  • Great for any special occasion
  • Great for your next picnic or potluck meal