Good & Gather™ Lightly Salted Roasted Almonds, 32oz


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These Lightly Salted* Roasted Almonds from Good & Gather™ are a versatile powerhouse you won't want your pantry to be without. Whether you munch them as a solo snack or use them to enhance a recipe, these roasted, salted almonds pack classic almond flavor that's sure to please. The large container is perfect for keeping at your desk to help you power through your day, on the kitchen counter for a quick snack or for bringing to a party to share with friends. Try topping a salad with them for a touch of extra crunch or mixing into your morning oats for satisfyingly nutty flavor.

  • Large container is perfect for keeping at your desk or sharing with friends
  • Roasted just right for eating on their own or adding to other dishes
  • Net Wt. 32oz
  • Certified Kosher