Good Moo’d Lactose Free, Whole Milk, 64 fl oz


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We are believers. That milk is joy in a glass – that should be shared by everyone. Which is why we set out on a lactose-freeing, life-changing, joy-sharing mission. Created for those with lactose sensitivity and lactose intolerance, we use our unique ultra-filtration process to turn ordinary milk into something extraordinary. A milk that’s as delicious as you remember it…without the digestion blues. Good Moo’d also has the added benefit of having 25% less sugar than the leading lactose free milk.
Good Moo’d Lactose Free Whole milk is an incredibly delicious and enjoyable for those with lactose intolerance and sensitivity. Contains 25% less sugar than the leading lactose free milk. Our ultra-filtered milk starts with rich, creamy, high-quality dairy milk from family-owned farms. Made with a unique ultra-filtration process to concentrate nutrients and filter out lactose and excess sugar. Never contains any artificial growth hormones 64 fl oz. bottle