Great Value Enriched Parboiled Rice, 5 lbs


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Enjoy creating mouthwatering meals with Great Value Enriched Parboiled Rice. Rice is the perfect base for any meal. It is kosher-friendly and can be prepared with soups, curries, meat dishes and more. Mix the rice with spices, peppers, and sausage for a zesty meal. Cook the rice, mix with pesto and serve with pesto and parmesan chicken breast for a delicious meal. It comes in a five-pound bag, perfect making a variety of recipes. It has zero grams of cholesterol and sodium, making it an excellent for a healthy diet. With a variety of uses make Great Value Enriched Parboiled Rice a pantry staple.

  • Great for a variety of dishes
  • Mix with veggies, spices, sauces, and more
  • Make pesto rice with parmesan and pesto chicken breast or Jambalaya
  • Make it a side or the star of the dish
  • Contains 0 g sodium and cholesterol
  • Excellent as part of a healthy diet