Great Value Espresso Ground Coffee, 10 oz


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Our Great Value Espresso Ground Coffee is a specialty roasted blend that is full-bodied with bold flavors. A barista chooses coffee with the intention of triggering all the sensations in one cup-aroma, taste, feel, and the passage of time, and our Great Value Espresso does just that. Comprised of only premium Arabica beans, we have selected this unique blend to offer rich and smooth flavors accompanied by a pleasant aroma. This espresso blend is as versatile as it is compatible with all coffee and espresso machines, and there are enough grounds to brew up to 35 cups of coffee or espresso, making it easy to stock up. Start your day off on the right note and wake up with a cup of our Great Value Espresso Ground Coffee. 

  • 100% ground coffee
  • Rich and smooth
  • Dark-roast
  • Designed for use in all coffee and espresso machines
  • Makes 36 cups of espresso