Great Value Long Grain Enriched Rice, 32 oz


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Make a healthy, tasty meal you'll love with Great Value Long Grain Enriched Rice. Enriched rice is formulated with more vitamins and nutrients than traditional rice -- and long grain rice ranks lower on the glycemic index than short-grain rice. Add a touch of saffron for an aromatic, flavorful side dish, or throw in tofu, pork, chicken, or steak for a protein-packed meal. Each bag contains about 20 servings, so you'll have plenty on hand to create all of your favorite recipes. Follow the easy-to-read instructions on the back of the package to make our delicious Great Value Long Grain Enriched Rice.
  • Easy-to-read instructions
  • Gluten free and kosher
  • 3g of protein per serving
  • 160 calories per serving
  • About 20 servings per bag
  • 32oz (2lb) bag of long grain enriched rice