Great Value Potato Hash Brown Patties, Shredded, 10 Count


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Great Value Potato Hash Brown Patties are a great and easy way to make a delicious breakfast side. These fully cooked potato hash browns can be served with your typical American breakfast fare, including pancakes, waffles, eggs, or even French toast. You could also serve these crispy hash browns with your favorite sandwich. All you need is a microwave, and these perfectly seasoned hash browns are ready in 1-1 ½ minutes.  The hash browns come in an easy to open package that is convenient and maintains freshness. Be prepared for your next delicious meal with Great Value Potato Hash Brown Patties.

  • Contains shredded, seasoned potatoes
  • Delicious for breakfast
  • Fully cooked
  • Ready in 1-1 ½ minutes
  • May be cooked in an oven, microwave or stovetop