Great Value Rigatoni, 16 oz


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Make your next meal one to remember with our Great Value Rigatoni. This 16-ounce box contains one pound of cylindrical noodles, called rigatoni noodles, and yields up to 8 servings of pasta, which is plenty for the whole family to enjoy. As an enriched macaroni product, you'll gain the added benefits of essential nutrients in every bite. The large 8-serving amount is perfect for whipping up your famous pasta dishes to serve at family gatherings like barbecues and potlucks. Stock a box in your pantry for the comfort of knowing you've got delicious, enriched pasta noodles on hand for whenever the time calls. Pleasing pasta dishes are just minutes away with our Great Value Rigatoni.


  • Perfect for your family pasta dishes
  • Enriched macaroni product
  • Spiraled cylindrical shape
  • Just add to boiling hot water and prepare to your content
  • 8 servings per container