Jack Link's Beef Jerky, Original, Family Size, 10 oz.


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Enjoy a savory anytime snack with Jack Link's Original Beef Jerky. It is a Sasquatch-sized bag of jerky that is large enough to share with friends or save for later. The Jack Link's beef jerky offers a bold, hardwood-smoked flavor with a hint of garlic. It is available in a 10-oz bag that is ideal for office lunch boxes, a gym bag and those who are frequently on the go. 

  • Contains 1 bag of 10 oz original beef jerky
  • Ideal protein snack for lunch boxes, gym bag, office and all your busy on-the-go moments
  • High protein snack to keep you full and focused to avoid those afternoon stomach rumblings
  • Healthy snack that is low in fat, calories and carbs
  • Jack Link's beef jerky can be taken camping, hiking or enjoyed after a workout