Klondike Ice Cream Bars Double Chocolate, 6 Count


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Double the awesome. Klondike Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bar 6ct has Chocolate Light Ice Cream with Milk Chocolate flavored coating. A gigantic slab of creamy chocolate ice cream surrounded by a generous layer of milk chocolatey coating.Chocoholics, rejoice! Once you sink your chocolate-craving teeth into this chocolatey-covered chocolate masterpiece, you'll understand that there is no such thing as too much chocolate. You know that it's a Klondike ice cream bar when you open that silver foil, and hear the crack as you bite into its chocolatey shell, which holds in all of that delicious, ice-creamy goodness. This piece of stickless, bowl-and-spoonless perfection lets you enjoy the wonderful wonders of ice cream anytime, anywhere. Take the time to treat yourself.
  • 4.5 oz Klondike Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bar
  • Signature Creamy Vanilla Light Ice Cream Coated in a Thick, Chocolatey Shell
  • An American Classic Ice Cream Snack That You Would Do Anything For
  • Available in 14 Unique Flavors for Unlimited Deliciousness
  • 6-Pack For Those Moments When You Want to Share
  • Perfect as a Hearty Snack, a Mid-Day Break from Your Co-Workers or Treat With Friends and Family