Latitude 45 Smoke Roasted Atlantic Salmon 4 oz.


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Latitude 45's Premium Smoke Roasted Salmon portion is made from hand-selected fresh Atlantic Salmon, sustainably sourced from the pristine waters of the Chilean Patagonian region. Within hours of harvest, the salmon is naturally cured through a slow smoke process, creating one of the finest smoked salmon products available. Our Atlantic Salmon is a source of lean protein, omega 3 fatty-acids and a good source of vitamin D. The product is ready-to-eat and conveniently offers endless pairing options - the smoke roasting process makes this product perfect for delicious salmon dips and spreads; in sandwiches, on flat-breads, & crackers; mincing into salads, in pastas, or as pizza toppings.
  • Nutritious source of Omega 3's and Vitamin D.
  • High amounts of protein per serving
  • Ready-to-eat
  • Boneless
  • OU Kosher Certified
  • Gluten free