Marinela Barritas Fresa Strawberry Soft Filled Cookie Bar, 8 Count


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Marinela has been delivering smiles since 1954 when we produced delicious, prepackaged birthday cakes, followed shortly after by individually wrapped treats. In 1957, one of our founders, Alfonso Velasco, designed our first beloved mascot and friend, Gansito, and the rest is history. The Gansito snack cake soon became an iconic favorite and paved the way for other tasty cakes and cookies like Barritas, Pingüinos, Choco Roles, Submarinos, and many more that have been delighting families for decades. Today, you can find Marinela products all over the world and we invite you to bite into any of our snack cakes or cookies— you’ll get a taste of how cool it is to go back to your childhood again!

  • Exquisite Treat: This sweetened, soft-baked cookie is filled with strawberry filling, artificially flavored, for a uniquely delicious treat.
  • What’s Inside: The box includes eight snack-sized packages of two Barritas cookies each, wrapped for freshness and convenience.
  • Fun & Flavor: Barritas are great packed in lunch boxes, served as an after-school treat, or eaten on the go. The freshly wrapped snacks are travel-friendly, making them ideal for busy families; they bring a smile to everyone’s face.
  • Flavor Your Life: Barritas' fresh-baked taste and delicious flavor make them a standout treat. Take one bite and it will make life a little sweeter.
  • Iconic Snack: Barritas cookies feature the flavors of Mexico, making them a favorite of kids and adults alike.