Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, 16.9oz bottles, 12 Ct


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Keep everyone's thirst quenched and feeling refreshed with Nestle Pure Life Purified Water. As the number one bottled water brand by volume in the United States, Nestle Pure Life is on a mission to help families lead healthier lives through proper hydration. Then, we enhance the Nestle Pure Life water with a unique blend of minerals for delicious taste. It's an easy, effective way to help adopt a healthier lifestyle with an alternate choice than sugary soda or juices. 
  • 16.9-ounce/0.5-Liter plastic bottles, ideal to take for lunch or bring to work
  • NESTLE PURE LIFE is serious about water quality, which is why our water undergoes a 12-step quality process
  • Its clean, crisp taste makes it a family favorite
  • Easy and effective way to help the family adopt a healthier lifestyle