Olivari Grapeseed Oil, 51 fl oz


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Olivari Grapeseed Oil's light and flavorful profile has a perfectly balanced taste with a hint of nuttiness. It is tested by a panel of tasting experts to bring you a flavor that enhances everyday cooking. Blend of the best grapes ensures consistent flavor. Best for: frying, sautéing, flavoring sauces, salad dressings and marinades Can replace butter, margarine, and vegetable oil in most of your favorite recipes. Enjoy the reliable flavor you have come to know and share the love with your friends and family!

  • Ingredients: Grapeseed oil from Spain and France
  • Size Options: 51oz (1.5 liters) bottle only
  • Nutrition: Olivari Grapeseed Oil is rich in antioxidants and heart-healthy unsaturated fats. It naturally has no cholesterol, no trans-fats, no salt (sodium) and no carbohydrates.
  • Non-GMO