Ore-Ida Golden Crispy Crowns, 30 oz


Ore-Ida Golden Crispy Crowns make it easy to enjoy delicious crispy potatoes at home. Crispy and golden, these Grade A seasoned potatoes are made from freshly peeled, American grown potatoes. These gluten free Crispy Crowns offer a crispy outside with a fluffy inside for the perfect blend of textures to make your next family meal a success. Toss these frozen potatoes on a baking sheet to bake them in the oven according to package instructions for perfect golden potatoes. An American classic, these easy fried potatoes are perfect for dipping. 

  • One 30 oz. bag of Ore-Ida Golden Crispy Crowns
  • Ore-Ida Golden Crispy Crowns offer an easy side dish for your meals
  • Gluten free seasoned potatoes
  • Made from the highest quality Grade A potatoes grown in the U.S.
  • Classic fried potatoes are perfect for dipping in ketchup
  • Sealed in a bag for convenient storage in your freezer