Oreo Fudge Covered Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, 7.9 oz


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OREO Fudge Covered Chocolate Cookies bring you the classic OREO flavor with even more chocolate goodness in each bite. These chocolate covered cookies are dipped in fudge for an extra layer of sweetness. Under the extra layer of decadent fudge is the original sandwich cookie snacks that feature delicious OREO creme filling between two chocolate wafers. Snack on these OREO fudge cookies at the end of a long day or enjoy them with a cold glass of cold milk.

  • This package contains one 7.9 oz box of OREO Fudge Covered Chocolate Sandwich Cookies.
  • Packable, snackable, and forever dunkable, Fudge Covered OREO cookies make the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, shareable snack, or sweet treat.
  • Each serving of cookies is only 180 calories and Kosher, is made with real cocoa, and has zero trans fats.
  • Great for gatherings, lunchboxes, road trips, and more. Everyone’s favorite fudge-dipped cookie will sweeten the day for family, friends and colleagues, or just for yourself!