Oreo Mini Mix Sandwich Cookies Variety Pack, 20 Count


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OREO Mini Mix Variety Pack Cookies are a delicious mix of Original and Golden OREO bite sized cookies. These mini cookies are the best of both worlds featuring both chocolate and golden varieties of sandwich cookies filled with classic OREO creme. Mini OREO snack packs of cookies are great for sharing as party snacks with family and friends or topping your favorite ice cream for an exciting dessert. Mini OREO cookies are delicious with or without milk and mini OREO sandwich cookies make great lunchbox snack cookies. Individually packed, these cookie snack packs are great for on the go lifestyles as cookies for kids and adults. With 15 packs of Original OREO Mini Sandwich Cookies and 5 packs of Golden OREO Mini Sandwich Cookies, your shelf of sweet snacks will be ready to go anywhere.
  • One OREO Mini Mix Variety Pack with 20 snack packs, 1.0 oz each, of OREO Mini Sandwich Cookies (packaging may vary)
  • Cookie variety pack with 15 packs of Original Mini OREO chocolate sandwich cookies and 5 packs of Golden OREO Mini sandwich cookies
  • Mini original and golden sandwich cookies with classic OREO creme in convenient mini packs
  • OREO mini snack cookies are wonderfully bite sized for easy snacking
  • Snack-sized cookie bags are great for lunch boxes, party favors, and quick snack cookies