Parent's Choice Yogurt Bites Variety Pack Baby Snack, 20 Count


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Most young toddlers get about 25% of their calories from snacks. Our snacks are crafted to be nutritious with real fruit and yogurt, and contain no artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or artificial coloring. Additionally, “live and active” cultures from the yogurt are preserved in the product. Finally, these product meet Walmart’s “Good For You” specification requirements. These yogurt bites are freeze-dried, which is one of the most natural production processes for preserving the natural flavor and nutritional characteristics of the ingredients utilized in our formulations. They are designed to melt in the mouths of toddlers very quickly. They are also sized to aid in the motor skill development of a developing child. 

  • Made with real fruit and yogurt
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavors, or coloring
  • Single Serve pouches for active "on the go" families