Pompeian Pomegranate Red Wine Vinegar, 16 fl oz


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Farmer-crafted from grapes harvested in the U.S and Spain, Pompeian Pomegranate Red Wine Vinegar is blended to perfection. To create this distinctive gourmet vinegar, pomegranate concentrate is infused with Pompeian's world-famous red wine vinegar, heightening the depth and dimension of your favorite marinades, salads, sauces and dips. Cultivated from grapes grown in the U.S. and Spain. Pairs perfectly with Pompeian's farmer-crafted olive oils. Great for heightening your favorite marinades, salads, sauces and dips

Ingredients: Red Wine Vinegar Reduced with Water to 5% Acidity, Natural Flavors from Pomegranate, Grape Concentrates.