President Brie Soft-Ripened Cheese, 16 oz


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At President Cheese, the art of cheese is a family passion. Founded in France over 80 years ago, today we are Europe's leading cheese expert. Our delicious creamy Brie - whether made in France or the heart of America's dairyland - is crafted by our expert cheesemakers using traditional methods and natural ingredients. We are the #1 Brie in France and in the US! As one of our most multifaceted cheeses, add our President 8oz Brie to a cheese plate, bake it for a warm snack or include it in a torte to complement the sweetness of fruit.
  • All Natural
  • Always Creamy
  • President Brie has a delicious buttery and creamy taste with an edible rind
  • Pairs with apricots, apples, berries, pears, quinces, pine nuts, pistachios, and olives