Rold Gold Tiny Pretzel Twists, 16 oz


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Rold Gold Tiny Twists Original Pretzels offer one-of-a-kind flavor and crispy texture. This baked snack can change how the whole family satisfies their salty cravings. These little treats offer a crunchy and savory flavor that can be enjoyed alone or paired with cheese or hummus dips. You can even try them with peanut butter to take work breaks to a whole new level. These Rold Gold original pretzels come in a 16 oz bag and are offered in both a single or 4-pack option. They don't contain cholesterol or trans fat, and with less than 1g of sugar per 1 oz serving, they make a tasty addition to kids' lunchboxes.

  • Rold Gold Tiny Twists are ideal for sharing with family and friends
  • Pair with Frito-Lay dip (sold separately)
  • Rold Gold pretzels are guaranteed fresh
  • Contains wheat ingredients