Sour Patch Kids Strawberry Soft & Chewy Candy, 10 oz


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SOUR PATCH KIDS Strawberry Soft & Chewy Candy tempts your taste buds with a twist on a classic flavor. Intense strawberry flavor gives this soft candy a mischievous flavor that's SOUR. SWEET. GONE. This SOUR THEN SWEET candy looks as good as it tastes with its fun strawberry shape, that separates it from the classic SOUR PATCH KIDS candy. This fat free strawberry candy is the perfect movie candy, after school snack or special occasion treat. A conveniently resealable 10 ounce bag ensures every piece of SOUR PATCH KIDS Strawberry stays soft, chewy and full of strawberry flavor.
  • One 10 oz bag of SOUR PATCH KIDS Strawberry Soft & Chewy Candy
  • Soft and chewy strawberry flavored candy is SOUR. SWEET. GONE.
  • SOUR THEN SWEET candy comes in a fun strawberry shape for exciting snacking
  • Share for road trips, parties, movies and everyday sweet cravings
  • Resealable packaging keeps this soft candy fresh and flavorful
  • Fat free strawberry candy