Starburst All Pink, Powdered Drink Mix, Water Flavoring, 4.34 oz


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Unexplainably Juicy! Enjoy the fruity bursts of flavor with the all new Starburst All Pink 1-gallon drink mix! Each sip delivers the same fruity flavor as the candy you’ve loved since you were a kid.
  • Low Calorie Drink Mix!
  • Gallon Sticks: Just add to a pitcher of water, stir, and enjoy!
  • Sugar Free: Craving Starbursts but don't want the calories & sugar? Starburst 1-gallon drink sticks are a delicious way to keep your family hydrated while enjoying the same bold fruit flavor of Starburst candy. 
  • Quick and Convenient: Now you can take the refreshing taste of Starburst anywhere you go. Each 1-gallon stick of Starburst’s drink mix is perfect for the whole family, parties, or any large gatherings.
  • Includes 8 packets- enough to make 8 gallons!