Tabasco Smoked Red Jalapenos Chipotle Sauce, 5oz


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Smoked red jalapenos. This is the genuine article. Get the best of every bite. Before you light the grill, be sure to have a bottle of Tabasco brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce by your side. It's also superb on sides like mac & cheese, potato salad and baked beans. Break out a bottle at your next backyard barbecue and share the secret to great, smoky flavor. Shake well.
  • Rich, full-bodied sauce is made from smoking vine-ripened, red jalapeno peppers over a smoldering pecan wood fire.
  • Made from select, slow-smoked red jalapeno peppers, it's the ideal balance of flavor and heat.
  • Pour it right out of the bottle to add rich, smoky flavor to burgers and ribs.
  • Use a generous amount to marinate steak, pork and chicken.
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher, Halal