Tazo Dream Herbal Tea Bags, 20 Count


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With our soothing blend of superstar valerian root, calming chamomile, aromatic lavender, almond and sweet hints of vanilla flavor, dreamland awaits. Let's go, you beautiful dreamer you. Caffeine free, it's specially blended for nighttime enjoyment, and makes a soothing addition to your nighttime wellness ritual. Each bag is masterfully blended to maximize flavor and harness the potential of all natural ingredients like lemongrass, Yerba maté and orange peel. Every sip is full of flavor, so that you can savor each cup from start to finish — and feel like you're taking a moment just for you. 
  • Tazo Dream herbal tea lets you drift into dreamland with the soothing taste of lavender, chamomile, Valerian and sweet notes of almond
  • Dream herbal tea is specially blended to help you unwind at the end of a long day
  • Tazo teas encourage you to brew the most out of life, whether you're scaling the Andes or sleeping under the stars
  • To truly savor life, you need balance and these herbal tea bags were crafted with that in mind
  • Natural ingredients make this delicious tea the perfect addition to your nighttime wellness ritual
  • Tazo is known for its flavorful high-quality teas, which are masterfully blended to become your new favorites