The Happy Egg Co. Organic Large Grade A Eggs, 12 Ct


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Our Organic Free Range come from free range hens raised with love on small, certified organic, family farms with expansive, tree-lined pastures in the heartland of America in Missouri and Arkansas.

  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR, LUSCIOUS COLOR: The creamy amber yolks and bright fluffy whites of Organic Happy Eggs come from our premium hen breeds and the intense quality control on our farms.
  • FOR YOUR HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL RECIPES: The protein-packed power of fresh, organic eggs from Happy Egg turn beautiful in any egg recipe or dish, from sunny-side-up or over-easy breakfast eggs, to egg salads, to rancho huevos and so much more.
  • FROM THE FARM-FRESH HEARTLAND: Organic eggs from Happy Egg come from free range hens raised with love on small family farms in Missouri and Arkansas with expansive, tree-lined pastures.