Tic Tac Hard Candy Mints, Orange Flavor, 4 Count


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Tic Tac candy is the classic go-to for fresh breath and a sweet, mouth-popping treat. Though these hard candy mints are tiny, they pack a ton of flavor in one quick handful. Try orange tic tacs, for a blast of tangy, citrus flavor. And their famous container with the snapping lid makes tic tac candies perfect for party favors, gift-giving, or life on the go. Order today, and hide a stash of this popular mints candy in your bag or desk for an emergency fresh breath rescue!

  • ORANGE: Classic hard-candy mints in a tangy, orange flavor
  • POCKET READY: (1 oz Singles, 4 COUNT) Small plastic case with snapping lid for on the go!
  • FRESH BREATH: A quick, refreshing snack!