Tic Tac Hard Candy Mints, Wintergreen Flavor, 4 Count


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What's fun, delicious and always refreshing? Tic Tac Hard Candy Mints, of course! These sweet, cool little mint candy packs have been big favorites. That's because they pack a whole lot of flavor and refreshment into a tiny size. Best of all, the convenient on-the-go pack makes them easy to share as dinner mints and are ready to travel anywhere. Keep a pack on hand for coffee mints or even as mints for champagne garnishes. From trick or treating to baking frightful family favorites, remember to make this season as spooktacular as possible by adding the sweet taste of candy to your all of Halloween fun.
  • WINTERGREEN: Classic hard-candy mints in refreshing wintergreen flavor
  • POCKET READY: (1 oz Singles, 4 Count) Small plastic case with snapping lid for on the go!
  • FRESH BREATH: A quick, refreshing snack!
  • TRICKS & TREATS: Grab a bag of spookishly delicious halloween trick or treat candy and satisfy all of your ghouls and goblins this year