VCF Vaginal Contraceptive Film, 9 Count


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VCF contraceptive film, 9 count is a safe and effective form of birth control. Simply insert the film into your vagina up to three hours before sex. This VCF contraceptive film melts instantly and kills sperm on contact. This form of contraception has no hormones, so there are no unhealthy side effects. This VCF vaginal film also allows you and your partner to feel more sensation than with condoms. It's comfortable to use and you can't feel it unlike other forms of female birth control, there's also nothing to clean up like when you use a diaphragm, making it easy and convenient to use, the individually wrapped units are ideal for taking along wherever you happen to go, so you can be safe and ready when you want to be intimate. Practice safe sex conveniently with VCF contraceptive film.

  • Effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy
  • No hormones; no side effects
  • 9 pieces per package
  • Each film is individually wrapped
  • Vaginal film lasts for up to 3 hours
  • Kills sperm on contact
  • You and your partner don't feel it
  • Do not use to prevent STI transmission
  • Comfortable and simple for women to use
  • Portable and easy to keep handy when the intimacy mood strikes
  • VCF contraceptive film begins to dissolve instantly without mess
  • Discreet
  • Not messy like diaphragms and other forms of contraception