Wonder Classic White Bread Loaf, 20 oz.

R easons to Wonder Since 1921, Wonder bread has been bringing delicious tasting, soft textured bread to the table and pleasing generations of families in the process! There are more than a hundred reasons to love Wonder. Here are just a couple we thought you might agree with. Reason 33# Those delightful ballons (did you know they were inspired by hot air balloons?). Reason #01: Cuz yum! Reason #47: Soft like a pillow (and just as dreamy). Reason #22: Grilled cheese!!!! Reason #12: Our colors; Red, White and Blue...& Yellow. Reason #84: Indianapolis born, American "bread". Reason #76: Best thing since sliced bread (and actually one of the first sliced breads ever commercially available). Go ahead, toast it, top it and enjoy whatever way you like!
  • Extra Soft
  • Enriched Buns
  • Give 'Em What They Love... Wonder!?