Wrigley's Freedent Spearmint Bulk Chewing Gum, 8 Count


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Freedent is the gum that freshens your breath without sticking to your dental work. It has cool-spearmint flavor with a smooth chew that tastes great. It's always a good time to enjoy a stick of refreshing chewing gum. When you want a stick that won't stick, grab Freedent gum.
  • Contains eight (8) packs of Wrigley's Freedent chewing gum (5 individually wrapped sticks per pack)
  • Enjoy the taste of cool-spearmint-flavored sticks of chewing gum
  • Each single pack contains easy-to-share, individually wrapped sticks of chewing gum
  • Freedent was introduced in 1975 as the first nonstick alternative to chewing gum
  • It's the chewing gum that won't stick to most dental work